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(2017-01-13, 06:22)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2017-01-12, 17:59)nealsil Wrote: Gents/gals, I'm currently running Kodi 16.1 on a Lenovo 420 with the following specs:

Lenovo ThinkPad T420 Core i5 2.50GHz Notebook 6GB 320GB
Intel Integrated HD Graphics Discrete NVIDIA NVS 4200M (1GB VRAM ) with Optimus Technology

I generally have good performance with Kodi but I'm wondering if I'd get better video if I ran Kodi on one of the android or ATV4 boxes....
What do you mean by "Better Video" ?
Pls be specific !

Better video could mean - HDR10 output to a compatible HDR display, 4K10 bit HEVC actually output at in a 10bi colorspace, using Hardware decoding.

Frankly unless you buy something like a nVIDIA Shield that can actually get hold of "Better Video" - 4K HDR10 content from the Amazon and Netflix streaming Apps - you will be brainwashed into thinking "Oh I must buy HDR capable Kodi hardware" by lots of marketing BS.

Sorry should have been clearer... by "better video" what i mean is that it will look kind of washed out and pixelated. Again its not unwatchable but im just wondering if one of the Kodi Boxes on the market would do a better job than my laptop is doing? I have a high end plasma display but its not 4k so at the moment im not concerned with 4k.

On another note, i mentioned the ATV4 because i already have one but from what i've been reading it doesnt seem worth the effort to use it for Kodi.

Thanks for the reply and appreciate additional feedback.

Even HDR or UHD 4K Blurays cannot be self ripped due to uncracked copy protection. HDR test clips on a repeat loop will soon bore you to death ! Sleepy

Android TV OS on the likes of the Shield and tvOS on the ATV4 devices will certainly give you a nice Graphic User Interface to play with using a bunch of pretty slick Apps. I personally would not be buying an ATV4 as there are some codec playback limitations with it. 10bit HEVC is problematic I believe. There are better, more open Kodi hardware options.

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