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Fine means a LOT of different things. Users should not have to fcuk around searching for decent Firmware in 2017...
As an example DTS Audio Passthrough is broken on every AMLogic Android Marshmallow device on the market, except..

The IEC Audio Passthrough capable Mi Box and the nVIDIA Shield. Both of these can support IEC passthrough, needed for Kodi Krypton.

(2017-01-30, 10:21)viz55 Wrote: thanks for your suggestion. didn't think about the usb to ethernet adapter until you wrote it. it was one of my choices rejected due to gigalan missing.
Any comments for probox2 air and Beelink MINI MXIII (i already read here that beelink GT1 is the buggiest) on their boot speed and general?

If you want a decent Android Box do yourself a BIG favour and get a supported box that gets regular bug fixed Firmware updates.
One that runs a proper Android TV OS and a Wireless remote, it will be much, much easier to use Apps on a TV screen.

The Mi Box is nice and snappy due to its AC WiFi and quality eMMC Flash Storage. You are not going to get any faster, cheaper Android Marshmallow Box, one that runs the preferred Android TV OS for $100. The excellent Wireless Mi Box remote is the best I have out of 6 Kodi test devices.

Those cheap AMLogic Android (S905) Boxes should only be used for one thing - running LibreELEC Kodi from a SD card. You will get a real good version of Kodi Jarvis / Krypton then with quality LibreELEC AML Firmware.
I suppose no one has told you, that you will need to budget for a Wireless Air Mouse remote or touchpad Keyboard to use regular cheap Android Box touchscreen Apps properly ?

This is only 1 example of the many Gotcha's that come with dirt cheap generic Android Boxes.


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