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Hi! New to the forum and have a couple of questions that I can't find satisfying answers to anywhere. Have searched several forums and product pages and decided to ask you mediaplayer experts instead. Smile

I'm interested in either the Himedia Q10 Pro or the Zidoo X9s. At the moment there seems to be more problems with the X9s than the Q10, so leaning more towards the Q10. I do want a box that can handle 10-bit and HDR. I have read up on wrappers and think I know enough about them to know that I need them to get full use of external player.

My big concern is that I haven't found an answer to mounting network shares. The most logical would be that Kodi behaves as normal and keep the shares I set up with it and then just passes the video via the wrapper to the external player. Now, I see a thread in the futeko forum about a patch for persistent mountpoints, and that gets me thinking. Are these android boxes capable of handling big libraries with several different password protected shares, or would one with big libraries have to manually navigate each time to the right place in the library? What happens with scraping in Kodi?

I hope someone with knowledge can help me out with these questions. Thank you! Smile

// LowDead

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