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Thanks for the clarification.

I do have a first gen AFTV and I didn't neglect to say that as it is used in another room and can be used there for Prime content.

We do use our Pi 3 in our main room for Kodi (via LibreELEC) and after using that for a good while I'm kinda spoilt with its immense support and works exactly as it should, within its hardware limitations. Optical out is catered for by a USB sound stick, I even tried a HDMI audio extractor which worked well. It can be a tad slow at times with the latest Kodi release (might try Confluence) and it does take some time to jump through a film when using the skip forward control, it has to buffer to then carry on - from a wired Ethernet connection.I was hoping that the faster horse power of the M ibox would have the side benefit of providing a boost for our Pi3, then again an Odroid C2 could also do that but I would not be that sure of its adequate USB support due to its rather venerable kernel.

I was looking for a more single box solution to provide our Kodi and Amazon Prime needs and from what you have confirmed to do that reliably would need another AFTV, the second version this time, or a more expensive Shield. As we are using 1080p, and will continue to do so until OLED 4k becomes mainstream and cheaper, then much of what the Shield could offer would be wasted for our needs.

I wouldn't have minded throwing "beer money" at a Mi box if Amazon Prime would have worked officially but to throw a heck of a lot more at a Shield is not worth it for us.

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