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Hi guys, really long time user here, just popping in to vent

Wondering why all the love for the Android boxes? I purchased a Minix Neo X8-H Plus thinking I would be good for years, but now there is no support for the latest Android and I am stuck with Jarvis until I buy a new box. Rather frustrating to say the least.

Now I could point fingers at KODI and I could point fingers at Minix, but that won't change the fact that I am left behind in the ever evolving world of digital media playback.

I get the whole minimalistic approach as I don't do anything other than stream from my NAS (Netflix would be nice for viewing random documentaries, though my smart TV takes care of this decently) and I need HD pass-through/FLAC and 4K support without having to buy a new box every time android upgrades. This makes me feel that a windows/Linux solution would be best, no? with two little kids at home I don't have time to fiddle around with things, so i tend to shy away from Linux.

Are the windows solutions simply too messy and "sluggish"? I had used them for years and the reason I switched to Android was that I use Android phones (and am comfortable with rooting and flashing) and was tired of being kicked out of XBMC/KODI for windows updates etc., then pulling out the keyboard to navigate to the desktop click the icon and start again. The Minix just keeps KODI running.

I think I am talking myself back into Android/Linux dammit :/

tl;dr - Any ideas/advice for a future-proof tiny box for KODI with HD audio/FLAC and 4K playback?

(oh, and how about advice on a 7.1 receiver to go with it? My Marantz isn't capable of 4K pass-through unfortunately - poor purchase decision on my part)

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