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(2017-02-22, 14:34)domov2 Wrote: Thanks for the reply and I apologies for the forum rule breaking in my first post.

Given the impending upgrade, its worth going for the 2GB RAM rather than the 1GB correct? I just want it to run kodi and kodi only. Nothing else matters too me. The AMLogic S905 device option sounds good. Any particular device you would suggest?

Yes go for 2Gb RAM there is very little price difference so it's a non-issue in therms of cost,

Beelink MiniMX (S905), MiniMX III (S905), Mini MX III II (S905X) - Are probably one of the more consistent ones in terms of hardware components. The main issue is manufacturers keep changing the WiFi chipsets they are using, sometimes the WiFi chipsets they use do not have Linux drivers available and hence the WiFi wont work in LibreElec.

If your not bothered about WiFi or bluetooth and your using wired ethernet, this wont be an issue for you.

I have a MiniMX V1 (S905 - 2gb/16Gb) and a Mini M8S II (S905X, 2Gb/16GB), both of them run fantastically with LibreElec - Jarvis and Krypton . The advantage that the S905 devices have over the S905X is Gigabit Ethernet vs 100meg Ethernet on the S905X. So if you don't need HDR or VP9 support S905 fits the bill.

But S905 devices are difficult to get hold of these days due to manufacturers moving onto S905 and S912 based devices. make sure you read the threads over on the LibreElec forums to see which devices are reported to be working well with Kszaqs LibreElec builds. The key here is to doing your reading and research beforehand so yuo make an informed purchase on your device. Dont buy any random device and expect it to work. Avoid all S912 devices , LibreElec is not working on this SOC,.


Based on the above information and the posts over on the forums that wrxtasy posted. Ive decided to go with the one posted below. It appeaers as if it matches up with everything mentioned in my posts

Very helpful indeed. Thanks for the hints teams

Link to box ive purchased.

The box you've linked looks like it is a Mini M8S II which has been rebranded , in terms of hardware it's a good fast box I own the same device (standard Mini M8S II), there is a very good custom android ROM available for this device on Freaktab called Xannytech XT Rom. It also runs LibreElec very well the EMMC on this box is faster than my MiniMX v1. Only single band WiFi though (2.4ghz only) and 100 meg Ethernet (not Gig).

Still if your using wired Ethernet, and your not playing the highest bitrate 4K videos, you wont have any issues from the WiFi or 100 meg Ethernet. The majority of people will have no issues. it's a very nice little box for LibreElec. Thee stock android build is pretty crappy, but easily replaceable with Xannytech XT ROM which is miles better. being a S905X device you have VP9 and HDR support too so there's some future proofing in comparison to S905 which doesn't support VP9 or HDR.

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