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(2017-02-25, 07:55)wrxtasy Wrote: If you have a 4K Android resolution setting change it back to 1080p60Hz before using Kodi.

Kodi has known poor upscaling. Bilinear I believe. Plus your 4K TV will have far better upscaling algorithms than Android media players.

The limitation with any Android media player is there is no App Auto Resolution switching from 1080p > 2160p.
Media players running LibreELEC Kodi do not have this limitation, its all automatic and seamless.

Kodi runs smoother, with less bugs and limitations on LibreELEC than Android media players.

Ideally you want to run Kodi at 1080p60Hz and then only change to a 4K resolution when playing back 4K content.

You are not giving us enough detail of your actually setup. I too see a soft Kodi picture with the Mi Box if I use a 4K Android resolution setting. Use 1080p60Hz instead.

Now, this is the kind of info I was looking for so thank you for the insight. My main setup is a dual-core HP mini with an HD5450, gig LAN, going to an Onkyo receiver and on to a 4K 65" Samsung. This setup works perfectly, but I'd like to get a smaller box so I can also take it with me. I have an old AIOS that is on its last leg...and that leg is broken. Big Grin

I didn't even consider that I might need to manually switch the resolution myself. The Mi was kind of a deal breaker for me without direct LAN support anyway. But the box (Mini M8S II) I recently saw being discussed a few pages back is probably more like what I want, but I would like gigabyte LAN. So, based on your input, I'm going to scout out boxes that support LibreElec and have gig LAN.

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