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(2017-03-03, 19:40)Sazkilla Wrote: Dear Experts on the forum, I have racked my brains.. Read as much I could... But in the end still a bit confused. I have a Sony KDL - 42W900B (3D 1080P Led Smart tv).
I have a Yamaha Yht - 196 AVR system. Some latest formats of dolby and dts are not supported by my TV. Some files have very low volume. All my files play in PCM and AVR does not display Dolby or DTS.

Q. Are you connecting the AVR's HDMI OUT to a HDMI IN on the Sony TV at the moment ?

And connecting whatever media player you are using directly to the AVR's HDMI Inputs ?

You can listen to the TV's Audio if you connect an Optical Cable from the TV to the AVR.
However if you use the HDMI (ARC) input on your TV and configure the AVR for HDMI ARC, then a Optical cable will not even be necessary. Audio from the TV will be sent back to the AVR over the HDMI (ARC) connection.

Suggested Setup would be:

Media player (HDMI) > AVR HDMI Input > HDMI Output <---> HDMI (ARC) input on TV.

Manual here:

That would be the preferred setup because you can the connect any HDMI capable media player to the AVR then.

Like everyone else just buy an AMLogic S905(x) box and a Samsung EVO or Sandisk Class 10 UHS-1 micro SDHC card.
And then flash LibreELEC Kodi Krypton on to the SD card, there are plenty of S905 boxes to choose from.
This will give you the best bang for the Buck at the moment, and will play anything you want to throw at it.

There are plenty of happy Kodi users that have now gone down this path Smile

Do not buy an AMLogic S912 if you want a bug free device & one that runs smoothly.

Dear Wrxtasy, thanks for helping out. I will check the HDMI ARC connection option. Currently using the audio out option. Would also request your suggestions on brands which i could trust. Lots of boxes in various price ranges. In another comment, you have mentioned Minix U1 but isnt it a AMlogic S912 model which you have suggested to steer clear of?
I am surprised the AV shop guy didnt suggest the HDMI DRC option.
I dont have any media player at the moment. Watching content by using the pen drive directly from the TV.
Himedia Q10 Pro, Nvidia Shield, Wetek Play 2 and Zidoo X9 are on the costlier side. Minix Neo 1 is slightly cheaper. MI Box seems the cheapest. Then there a host of brands which are of chinese make (AMlogic S905X) that are way cheaper.
Beelink mxiii ii / zidoo a5s both have 2 gb ram, s905x and similar features. They seem to be very economical especially the beelink. For me audio and video support is critical.
Request your advice.

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