START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
[I'm not going to claim to be an expert (far from it), but I've owned the following devices to use for Kodi since 2007/2008 (in order):

- Custom built HTPC with Windows (high end specs for the time)
- Small off-the-shelf ITX computer with Windows (Intel Atom powered)
- 2 rooted FireTV's
- 1 rooted FireStick
- Custom built HTPC with LibreELEC (same computer as above, just ditched Windows for OpenELEC, then LibreELEC)
- Small off-the-shelf ITX computer with LibreELEC (same situation as above)
- Nvidia Shield

I was in a similar situation as you in regards to needing a high WAF, and the only boxes that my wife didn't constantly complain to me about (and subsequently I would need to tinker with) were the boxes with LibreELEC and the Shield. She now uses the Shield on a daily basis without any trouble, and in the rare event that something goes wrong, the interface is simple enough that she can reboot the box herself, and that 99% of the time fixes the problem.

My advice to you would be to stay away from Windows if you don't a) want to tinker and b) want a high WAF.

In regards to which LibreELEC box to get, I couldn't help you with that, but I can't recommend the Shield enough. Works great with my new 4k OLED TV, and have been using it since 2015 with almost 0 problems.


Hi, @feerlessleadr

Why you cannot recommend enough the Nvidia Shield?
I also want something simple to mount and enjoy. Nowadays I prefer to buy o good phone with proper support for firmware, rather having to install every time new custom roms with the permissive that a miracle will happen.
But, in my case I am interested in Android and libreelec dual boot. I also tried to find a NAS capable of installing libreelec or kodi, but had no success

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