START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Without trying to sound to Bias - the reference AML S905 Hardware LibreELEC development device - the ODROID C2 gets best bits. Particularly when it comes to HDMI-CEC OFF / ON control. Because from a developer perspective we get to mod. its U-Boot - open sourced code.
Plus we get to Overclock its CPU/RAM Safely. Only S905 device that has been tested properly that we can do this Safely too. Dirty great big heatsinks help !

The S905 MINIX NEO U1 will come with great (now mature) AML Android Lollipop Firmware for Kodi Jarvis usage, all in a quality Hardware package. Far far better MIMO AC WiFi than generic AML S905(x) boxes.
Unsure how well it runs when using Android Kodi Krypton. But having said that it's AML S905 will also run LibreELEC Kodi Krypton nicely indeed from a SD card - so you have flexibility and a fallback option there. ;-)

@LauraS, S905's come with GigaE Ethernet - S905x's - 100Megabit only which is still fine for 4K streaming. S905x can do 10bit HDR video output - not much HDR content about tho. I don't consider HDR that important just yet.
As I said easiest to use remotes make a big difference to non tech users.


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