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If 3D is not the absolutely essentially needed requirement there are better media player options available.

Using a Quasimodo 3D media player - Android touchscreen platform (X9S / Himedia) that only uses Kodi as a frontend to be able to play 1080p 3D content in an external player is fraught with risks regarding proper (legacy) video codec support and day to day useability. Especially if you really want to utilise all of Kodi features without hassles, workarounds or compromises.

If I was a demanding Android and serious Kodi user I would be buying:

a) a nVIDIA Shield because its an easy to use, very powerful Android TV platform - particularity for the popular DRM streaming Apps (Netflix, Amazon, HBO etc). It actually has out of the box support for these. Especially for proper 4K HDR content from Netflix and Amazon. No other Android, external media player platform can stream HDR content from these Apps.
nVIDIA because of the size of the company and the developer resources available will have the best Firmware and Android OS upgrade support. Its already running a decent version of Android Nougat.

If a few touchscreen Android Apps are needed - they can still be Sideloaded on Android TV platforms.

Its no use buying an expensive 4K HDR capable media player if you have very little 4K HDR content to feed into it.

b) a LibreELEC Kodi platform - because refresh switching AND 1080p > 2160p (4K) Resolution switching works seamlessly. Plus on a AML S905 for example - it will handle all (non 3D / non HDR) video codecs you want to throw at it. there will be NO deinterlacing problems either.

You don't have to go back to painful settings re-configuring ALL the time either when viewing 1080p / 2160p content.
A modern 4K TV produces generally better quality 1080p > 2160p upscaling video output as well. Its better running the GUI at a 1080p Resolution on a 4K TV and Resolution switching only when viewing actual 4K content.

Apart from the Amazon FireTV2, there is no Auto 1080p > 2160p (4K) Resolution switching on any Android platform.
(Don't confuse Auto Resolution switching with Auto Refresh switching - these are not the same)

Plus using a dinosaur touchscreen Android OS and an Air mice on any Android platform now in the year 2017 is a Painful way to interact with Android Apps on a TV screen. Don't even try it if you have had a bit to drink. Concentration and steady brain Surgeon co-ordination needed.
It why the Android TV OS interface was invented by Google in the very first place, to get rid of the PITA Air Mouse App nonsense.

Only the nVIDIA Shield and Xiaomi Mi Box use the Android TV OS Graphic User Interface.

Having said that there are some users that simply want the full Google Playstore touchscreen Apps selection available to them and are willing to put up with Air Mice and touchscreen Android OS's to get that full monty selection of Android Apps.

I'm about to do a Xiaomi Mi Box vs MINIX NEO U9-H vs WeTek Hub comparison as all are now running versions of Android Marshmallow Firmware.


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