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(2017-04-02, 12:38)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2017-04-02, 09:06)ex_directory Wrote: I only want a device for Kodi to get Atmos/Dts bit streamed as my Denon amp does not seem to like audio decoding by Kodi. It is ok with DD5.1

I think my cheapest options are Mi, Intel. I suspect Intel booting directly to Kodi is best option with a harmony remote. I will buy a 2nd hand NUC if older ones work ok.
Plenty of hardware will give you Atmos and HD Audio passthrough.
If you want to boot straight into Kodi you should be using LibreELEC Kodi for a no nonsense Appliance like OS with superior networking capabilities.

Cheapest hardware with a Atmos & nice Wireless remote will be the Mi Box - however it lacks Kodi dynamic refresh switching for ultra smooth video playback & deinterlacing is broken if needed for OTA TV usage with Kodi. There may be some ancient codecs that may not be 100% too.

This is where AMLogic S905 boxes step in running LibreELEC Kodi, as those issue melt away. If you want to future proof a bit with 1080p / 4K - 10bit HEVC(H265) Hardware decoding and HDMI 2.0 this is where the bargains lie.

A good AML S905, running LibreELEC Kodi with GigaE and a nice sensitive Infra Red receiver is the ODROID C2. A Harmony programmed as a MCE remote will work out of the box with LibreELEC. I still prefer Wireless remotes tho. Infact I use both at the same time.

To get the equivalent in Intel you need either Apollo Lake or Kaby Lake Hardware. Anything older will be limited to either 8bit HEVC Hardware decoding or Software decoding of 10bit HEVC content. This area is where detailed Intel self research would need to be done if HEVC decoding is a must have requirement, particularly if looking for HDMI 2.0 as well.

If you don't need 10bit HEVC decoding - simply get a 1080p Chromebox and run LibreELEC on it - that will give you Atmos - HD Audio passthrough.

Quote:Wrxtasy, as a note, in your OP your list of Atmos supported devices does not match that list for Atmos in your Audio/3D thread, or am I missing something?
Not purposely missing anything - it just too hard keeping up with all the updates, combo's and OS permutations that comes with Kodi Hardware. The only 100% way to be absolutely sure is to ask in individual hardware threads.

Thanks for the detailed reply. Makes more sense now

This is where being in the uk does not help, chrome box circa £220, mi circa £70, c2 circa £50. So your cheap option is not the cheapest here.

For me, I only rip from bluray to a nas (like everything on the nas) and I only have 1080p pj/tv, with no plans to change for 3 years or so. Since I really need bitstream/pass through to get Atmos, am thinking c2 sounds best with a fire stick style remote.

Did you agree?

I have a 30gb rip of fantastic beasts with Atmos, my laptop can play it but too jerky, so hoping a new box will solve this too.

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