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(2017-04-23, 19:33)JamesGrey Wrote: I have a Minix NEO X8-H Plus which I purchased last year. I was new too this Kodi idea, and I researched and seemed like Minix was the best unit on the market.

I am not happy because new Kodi v17.1 is available and apparently the Minix box can't run this software.

Seems bad as the box is only 1 year old, and my iPhone is 4 years old and software updates are still available.

I will sell this Minix box and try to find a device that has a longer upgrade life.

I have been looking at the Wetek Core and was wondering if this would be my best choice for a good product and an extended upgrade cycle.

Seems like it must be good as the development team are using this box for testing.

Thanks in advance.

Still they aren't totally useless, they'll still play back the majority of files anyway, its just addon support will eventually die. I'm still using xbmc 13.3 and kodi 16 (for the newer format files) and i've barely had any files refuse to play at all (mostly 10bit hevc but I have the shield for that).

I'd not get a minix ever again though, their support has been pretty damn atrocious to the point I just loaded the box up with a custom rom from Freaktab and relegated it to to the spare bedroom.

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