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(2017-05-16, 07:01)wrxtasy Wrote: Android Kodi / SPMC & Android TV only - Netflix & Amazon will have HDR support.

Yes HDR is confusing. HDR10 is not properly implemented at all in OSMC or LibreELEC Kodi - those being Kodi only implementations.
There is no way to turn on Deep Color Mode support for example, and there is no 10bit output, even if you are running on HDR capable Hardware.

You have to use the Android OS (Marshmallow onwards I believe) which has such Android options and capabilities - and you also use Kodi's (or SPMC's) Mediacodec (Surface) mode.

There was some pretty detailed SPMC / HDR10 testing and reporting done over HERE recently, and that was just using a generic AMLogic - Mini m8sII - S905X Android Marshmallow box.

You should also read this warning, as Mediacodec (Surface) comes with some limitations - particularly for the nVIDIA Shield:

Quote:Note: with SPMC 16.6, you must disable MediaCodec (Surface) to use upscaling or deinterlacing. However, if you disable MediaCodec (Surface), then HDR content will not be displayed in HDR.

The question for you then becomes how much do you value 4K HDR video output over everyday 1080p > 4K video upscaling picture quality ?

Resolution switching in Android has to be done manually, this can become a PITA if you have mixed 720/1080p/4K content and use SPMC / Kodi. There is no Lancos3-optimised upscaling options in Android Kodi Krypton.

4K TV's with their superior Hardware produce sharper picture outputs when upscaling any video content below 4K vs virtually all media players on the market.

The Android 4K HDR boxes will obviously give you 4K HDR, the Vero 4K / OSMC or LibreELEC Boxes (no HDR support) will give you higher quality, seamless 1080p > 4K video upscaling due to its ability to Auto Resolution switch a 4K TV to the proper required video output resolution, plus proper High Quality deinterlacing for Kodi PVR use.

Those are the choices. Pick what is most important to you.

Excellent response, really helps clear things up for me. I'm Attempting to future proof a kodi box purchase is why I wanted clarity.

I have only ever ran Kodi on a macmini, never noticed any resolution switching issues on the 1080 TV the Mac is connected too. From what you explained that is an android only issue. Could a future Android OS release fix that?

My bedroom TV is a 4K Roku OS (no HDR), So for now HDR isn't a 'need'.
Hoping a future FW release for Vero could better support kodi HDR, because I want to upgrade my main living room 1080TV with an HDR 4K set next.

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