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(2017-05-28, 06:47)wrxtasy Wrote: The AMLogic S9xx devices are based on Mobile chipsets. They consume little power and are designed to be left on 24/7 for instant use.
They are not power hungry HTPC - File Servers so there is no WOL and such.

I have not idea about Android-x86 on Chromebox's - let alone using Android on that box for Kodi 1080i deinterlacing. I suspect Android Kodi PVR's and deinterlacing would be busted like all current Android Kodi Krypton releases.

@matt devo aka Mr. Chromebox will know more.

The Question is what do you want out of Android - what streaming services or Apps, this is actually pretty important ?

You really should work out what Android Apps are most wanted - because Android TV is different from regular tablet Android that all these regular touchscreen based Android devices use.

For example Android TV has fewer Android TV Apps in it's entirely seperate Playstore, but they are much easier to use than the regular tablet Android Apps. There are a LOT of touchscreen Android Apps that do not work on Android TV properly at all.

ok that's bad...
i've installed android-x86 on my chromebox, and installed kodi android x86, i can use software deinterlacing now, which seems to work...
that andoid tv ecosystem is not what i need, i want freedom... my apps are netflix, amazon, vodafone tv app, knipr, kijk, nlziet....
i think that an i5 or i7 intel box with android-x86 will do software deinterlacing in 1080i and run all the android apps besides kodi, and have wol from suspend.

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