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I am thinking about moving on from my Nvidia Shield (I believe it is an overkill for my requirements as I don't play video games on it).

I recently bought a UHD Samsung Smart TV with a 10 Bit panel. The smart tv function offers Netflix and Amazon Video (both with UHD HDR) but previously I had used my Nvidia Shield for Netflix and Amazon. In addition I used the Shield mainly for Kodi but also once in a while I used it to download torrent files (not copyrighted material) and than transfer the downloaded file using ES File Explorer to a network connected HDD (or HDD connected to the shield via usb).

My requirements for my new box are as follows:
Simple setup (I've had a RPi before but don't have the time or patience to set one up again and maintain)
Enough processing power to run Kodi smoothly and play 4K 10bit HDR content without hiccups
Torrent download and file management capability(possibly achievable via Kodi addon, haven't looked into it)
Support Dolby Digital / DTS
Connect USB HDD to the device and share the content to other devices on the network (having a 2.5 inch HDD which draws power from the USB port on the device would be preferred)
2 USB ports would be nice (USB3 ports would be great)
A good and simple RF/BT remote (I love the small nvidia shield remote). Also would be great if the remote had keyboard on the back)

Nice to have's:
Headphone plug in remote

Looking for something in the $100-150 range

Possible options on my radar so far:
Vero 4k
Minix Neo U9 / U9-H
Xiaomi Mi Box

Is there another box I should be looking at? And which box would you recommend based on my requirements?

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