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Everyone thinks they want HDR to justify their 4K HDR TV purchase There is no HDR support with OSMC Kodi running on the Vero 4K.

Any half decent, convenient, 4K HDR streaming content comes from 4K HDR Netflix and Amazon Video Apps, which are only available on the Shield.

(2017-07-03, 21:42)BigMixer Wrote: How much delay do these boxes have in loading? I am currently using PCs, but they are too large to keep in the room. They will be repurposed in other areas.
If HDD's or Gigabit connected NAS's have their drives already Spun up, then Video playback will be quick, likely around 1 second or under for most Bluray Rips. TV refresh switching takes longer depending on user equiptment.

If you mean bootup from power on. AML S905's with LibreELEC running from eMMC take less than 10 seconds. Android Marshmallow+ generally 20 to 40 seconds depending on which device.


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