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(2017-08-10, 20:58)biochem Wrote:
(2017-08-10, 10:30)wrxtasy Wrote: Why do you need Android for 4K Kodi only anyway - you are only handcuffing yourself IMHO ?

Thanks for opening my eyes. This is getting complicated.
Right now I am thinking of a two device solution.

Device 1: Kodi
- 4K and 1080p movies on NAS → on a 4K Television
- fully compatible to HEVC, HDR10 and all audio HD formats (DD+ works as well?)
- CEC (I hate multiple remotes)
- a fine working resolution switch

→ Odroid C2 with Libreelec?

Device 2: Netflix, Prime in 4K
- just for streaming Netflix, Prime and two a local media libraries in my country (as this work perfectly with the 2nd Gen Fire TV Stick - but no 4K support)

→ Fire TV 2 Box?

Does this make any sense?
Personally if you just want 4K HDR Netflix and Prime I would buy a modern 4K TV with those exact Apps already running on the TV. All video upscaling, and correct color space outputs are taken care of by the TV automatically then.

Do not use the smart TV for Kodi, that is where the majority of complaints about smart TV's are about on this forum.

I would not be buying a pretty old FireTV2 because I believe a 4K HDR10 FireTV3 will likely be released sometime soon by Amazon anyway.

The C2 does not do HDR but it does have the best HDMI-CEC control implemented out of all the AMLogic S905(x) boxes. For what very limited HDR content there is available just use the TV's HDR media player until a FireTV3 is released.


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