START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
You are all over the place. Wink

Make a numbered list and work out what features are most to least important. Include important Apps and Audio and Video features.

(Non HDR) Android Kodi on any Android box is not going to be as good as AMLogic LibreELEC Kodi. Amcodec video decoding in LibreELEC is superior to Android Kodi Krypton's Mediacodec only decoding.
I have not even talked about the optimised Krypton and Linux Kernel patches LibreELEC has vs AMLogic Android Kodi Krypton.

Cannot talk for Miracast but I use this App for AirPlay on Android:

AirScreen - AirPlay & Chromecast & DLNA

The WeTek Play2 is transformed when you flash the Android TV ROM or use Marshmallow Firmware patch fixes from @Ricardo. These can be flashed easily.

I cannot stress enough how important a Wireless remote is to the speed and responsiveness of any media player.
Even a dirt cheap AML S905 running LibreELEC works a hell of a lot better with a Wireless remote.

If you want speed, Plug N Play and games and concentrating on Android TV buy a NVIDIA Shield with its integrated wireless games controller. It's the Big Daddy Android device. Smile

Zidoo X9S for 1080p Frame Packed 3D only. It will not be kids friendly nor does it run Kodi Krypton direct from the Playstore but uses external media player software. It's not a simple setup.

Im still scratch my head wondering why people are buying HDR media players when there is stuff all HDR content outside of 4K HDR streaming Apps like Netflix and Amazon Video found on Smart TV's and the NVIDIA Shield.

People seem willing to put up with all sort of Android limitations just so they can say their box can playback HDR test clips.
It's the biggest Marketing Con Job smokescreen going around IMHO.


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