START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
"a good movie database and multimedia player" spend the money on an easy to use out of the box device and get a speedy all rounder - Android TV only - NIVIDA Shield.
If you have a really massive video library, pony up the $$ and buy a NVIDIA Shield or a SSD equipped NUC.
If you want to play games at speed with very few issues, pony up the $$ and buy a NVIDIA Shield.

Beware with any device that runs Android TV like the Shield - a lot of regular tablet/touchscreen Android Apps and games will not work properly on it. You have to do your research very carefully to work out what you want.

I do not find the WeTek Play2 that slow, especially LibreELEC. If LibreELEC is slow you are using the wrong microSDHC card or not using a recommended Wireless remote. Yes an extra Wireless remote purchase really is necessary.

You should not be using WiFi on any media player at all if you want reliability and speed. Dual N Band WiFi on the Play2 is competitively weak compared to MIMO AC WiFi on a device like the Shield, U1 and U9.

Speed for AMLogic Kodi devices, running without major bugs and using Ethernet only:
1. AML S905/S905X running LibreELEC Kodi from eMMC flash storage
2. AML S905/S905X running LibreELEC Kodi from recommended microSDHC storage.
3. AML S912 like U9 running Android Marshmallow.
4. AML S905, like Play2 next best running Android Marshmallow.
5. AML S905, like U1 last due to running Android Lollipop.

A AMLogic Marshmallow S912 is not that much quicker than a Marshmallow AMLogic S905 device. The S912 GPU is a bit more powerful for 3D games but that is about it for day to day use.

Amlogic S905 vs Amlogic S912 Benchmarks Comparison

If LibreELEC seems really slow - especially if it was running from a recommended Samsung EVO or Sandisk Class 10 U1 microSDHC card then you need to stay away from all AMLogic devices - and in that scenario you need a Intel NUC if you want speed - one equipped with SSD storage - just to be sure you have complete overkill !
But stay away from Intel Apollo Lake and Kaby Lake because they have Display Port > HDMI 2.0 adapter issues.

Make a numbered list 1 to 10 of what is the most important. Otherwise you are going to go round and round in circles.

TIP: use HDR Apps on an actual 4K HDR Smart TV - you will have far far less problems and 1080p > 4K upscaled picture quality from Apps like Netflix and Amazon video will be better too on the 4K TV.

I cannot see LibreELEC ever being installed on a Android TV - Mi Box so long as Xiaomi keep locking down the bootloader and Kernel with SELinux.
All AML S912's have Linux/LibreELEC GPU driver issues resulting in LibreELEC Kodi user interface tearing - which becomes annoying after a while.
I cannot see that being fixed either due to ARM Linux GPU driver licensing issues.

If there were no such Linux GPU driver issues the S912 would be the Number 1. recommended LibreELEC Kodi Krypton device.


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