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I've been reading on some forums some attempts of running LE on Minix U9-H (AML S912). The users seem to get success, but they don't mention GPU problems. I think that if there are GPU drivers problems, then watching movies would be an annoying task.
Despite the fact it's not my area of expertise, I couldn't understand why one wants LE on S912, if, as you said, has a severe lack of GPU drivers which causes incompatibility between both.
If, without any doubt, LE is not stable for S912, and if there is no prevision of development support, then I think that whoever wants LE and Android SO(s), should get a box with S905. Correct?
Is this is true, then in my case, there's no point in trying to decide between Wetek Play 2 and Minix U9-H. At least, my decision should be between WP2 and Minix Neo U1. Am I right?
If I narrow my options to a S905 Box, is there any other better option besides Wetek Play 2 and Minix Neo U1?
I think the only main disadvantage of Minix U1 is Android 5.1.1. Among S905, do you personally recommend other box?

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