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(2017-08-16, 21:57)jonascotch Wrote: wrxtasy,

I've been reading on some forums some attempts of running LE on Minix U9-H (AML S912). The users seem to get success, but they don't mention GPU problems. I think that if there are GPU drivers problems, then watching movies would be an annoying task.

Despite the fact it's not my area of expertise, I couldn't understand why one wants LE on S912, if, as you said, has a severe lack of GPU drivers which causes incompatibility between both.

What gets annoying is the noticeable Graphic user interface tearing of Kodi and also going forward into Kodi Leia - Netflix / Amazon software decoding does not work properly either with stuttering and tearing. S912 is not a recommended LE box. Day to day its not really noticeably faster than LE on S905(x) anyway.

Quote:If, without any doubt, LE is not stable for S912, and if there is no prevision of development support, then I think that whoever wants LE and Android SO(s), should get a box with S905. Correct?

Yes S905 if you want Gibabit ethernet or S905X if you want experimental 10bit video output & HDR / VP9. S905X is 100M Ethernet only.
I now have a S905X box and 100M ethernet is a bit slower when streaming 4K video during the video startup and buffering phase vs S905 Gigabit ethernet.

Quote:Is this is true, then in my case, there's no point in trying to decide between Wetek Play 2 and Minix U9-H. At least, my decision should be between WP2 and Minix Neo U1. Am I right?

If I narrow my options to a S905 Box, is there any other better option besides Wetek Play 2 and Minix Neo U1?
I think the only main disadvantage of Minix U1 is Android 5.1.1. Among S905, do you personally recommend other box?

Pick what features are most important to you and choose, this link will help:

AMLogic S905(x) - LibreELEC / OSMC - Kodi Krypton - 4K Options

Bang for the buck WeTek are offering more with the Play2 vs the U1, but U1 counters with better fully integrated Wireless Air Mouse mini keyboard remote and better AC MIMO WiFi.

Be aware Android Kodi Krypton has stuttering video playback issues on AMLogic Android Lollipop Firmware. LE Kodi Krypton is better anyway.
Android Lollipop Firmware is slower vs Android Marshmallow Firmware too.


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