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(2017-08-18, 18:27)jonascotch Wrote: After reading the post indicated above, I got curious about Odroid.
Do you think a Odroid based system would fulfill my demands?
I made a search about Odroid and dual boot but couldn't reach a conclusion. Is this possible like in Wetek Play 2 or Minix Neo U1?
Should I read about Odroid?

Not sure there is a huge amount of point Dual Booting an ODroid C2. It's a great solution for LibreElec and Kodi, but it doesn't have any DRM options for Android, so there't not much reason to run Android on it (as you won't get 4K Netflix etc. that way)

I think most people running C2s are simply booting just into LibreElec, either from an on-board eMMC module or a MicroSD card. (The eMMC module is neater, quicker and probably more robust long-term - and allows you to use the MicroSD slot for removable storage, but the modules are quite expensive. Lots of people have found booting from modern MicroSD cards work swell enough I believe)

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