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(2017-08-27, 16:38)hausmanis Wrote:
(2017-08-27, 14:56)marck120 Wrote: At first I thought the best solution was to buy two devices, odroid c2 for libreelec and minix neo u9-h for android, the price of two devices is high, at this point the better the NVIDIA Shield.

First solution

To save, I also thought I would take MECOOL M8S Pro + with the MINIX A2 remote, but the M8S Pro + does not have wifi, do you recommend a reliable shop to buy them ? A shop that ship to italy.

I found this shop:

Second solution

Another more expensive solution is webtek play 2 with minix neo A2 lite.

The only devices that allow a dual boot android libreelec are the wetek play 2 and the MECOOL M8S Pro +, the MECOOL M8S Pro + has the advantage of the s905x cpu.

Third solution

If you only use libreelec and you do not have to go often from android to libreelec the best solution is perhaps the minix neo u1

Fourth solution

Or Xiaomi Mi Box for Android is the c2 odroid for libreelec plus the minix neo A2 lite.

Fifth solution

Minix neo u1 for android and MECOOL M8S Pro + for libreelec.

Only in the end have two devices switched on can be uncomfortable, if the two devices are in the same room it may be difficult to control them both with the minix neo A2 lite.

It is not easy for me to find out.

is the MECOOL M8S Pro + better than Wetek play 2 for libreelec ?

I can not say sorry, I put the same question at @wrxtasy, we expect it to answer. The top of what is left of the nvidia shield, but I do not know if it works with libreelec.

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