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(2017-08-27, 17:02)hausmanis Wrote: God im realy confused, i just want the best box or boxes to run:

4K as good as possible
HDR as good as possible (basicly i can ignore HDR IF there is no device that can handle this and my other requirements perfectly)
1080P as good as possible
Apps like Netflix ect in max resolution and 7.1 sound
7.1 hd passthrough.
All video with auto freq switches and perfect PQ

I dont care about price, can someone name drop the best solution and be my hero ? i dont mind switching boxes is that what it takes to get my requirements 100% perfect.

I just ordered the mibox and the those the best solutions for the above running the libreelec on the play2 and android on the mibox ?
Or do i even need the play2 since the mibox can run libreelec to ?
i just want perfection

Nothing is "perfect" but the closest for ALL your requirements is the NVIDIA Shield.

If you need to use Kodi Krypton with reliable TvHeadend deinterlacing, buy an extra AMLogic S905(x) box for LibreELEC and use a MINIX A2 lite remote with it.

You need to read Post #1 again and take note of this section:

1080p/4K Netflix and Amazon Video streaming

Q. I need a Kodi box that can play 1080p or 4K DRM copy protected video streams such as Netflix, HBO etc. ?
NOTE: Unless you have a HDMI connected Dolby Digital Plus Audio receiver, expect 2.0 Audio only from DD+ DRM streaming Apps running on Android TV platforms. Only very specific devices, noted below can run the Amazon Video App properly.

1080p/4K Android Netflix / Amazon Video is only possible on media players boxes that include Widevine L1 & HDCP 1.x/2.2 support in device Firmware.
  • NVIDIA Shield (4K HDR Netflix / 4K HDR Amazon Video)
  • Xiaomi Mi Box (4K Netflix - no HDR)
  • Amazon Stick/FTV1 + FTV2 (4K) (Amazon Video)
  • Intel / AMD x86-64 computers with GeForce GT 1030 or later Nvidia graphics card solution running Win10, using either dedicated Apps or a Web Browser.
  • WeTek's Core (1080p touchscreen Netflix, audio is 2.0 only)
  • WeTek Hub & Play2 (1080p touchscreen Netflix, audio is 2.0 only)
  • Apple TV4
  • MECOOL M8S Pro + (S905X) (1080p Netflix with 3rd party Android TV Firmware)

Android TV = easy to use Android Apps with a simple Wireless remote. Smile
Touchscreen Netflix / Android = difficulties, you have to use an Air Mouse remote which a bunch of people really hate. Sad

There is no LibreELEC available for the NVIDIA Shield and I seriously doubt there ever will be.


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