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(2017-08-29, 10:57)rapart Wrote: So,i want to ask:Need to use device with wifi i want HD audio passthrough,HDR,V9,Auto frame correct 4k and all of these to kodi!Do i have to use libreelec?And is for example to wetek play 2 libreelec preinstalled?i think no right?i am so confused but i know i have to invest some more to enjoy better:/Also as i was watching khadas vim there is no HD audio supported right?

(2017-08-29, 10:00)wrxtasy Wrote: The Best S905X box (100M Lan) out in the market is the Vero 4K because OSMC (Kodi Krypton) is already running from internal fast eMMC flash storage, plus you already have known working AC WiFi and an integrated Wireless mini remote. No DIY research necessary. It just works when you Plug it in. People are willing to pay for that.
The OSMC developers as well, know what they are doing and you get great ongoing Software support.

Please study the previous picture chart carefully to learn the differences between the S905 and S905X. I will not be reposting known info all over again.

There is no LibreELEC pre-installed on the Play2. Its Simple DIY.

Please read this post about how to install LibreELEC on various AMLogic devices:

AMLogic S905(x) - LibreELEC / OSMC - Kodi Krypton - 4K Options:

If that is all too confusing, buy a Plug n Play - Vero 4K - because it covers your requirements.

LibreELEC Kodi Krypton or OSMC Kodi Krypton will work virtually exactly the same once they are up and running.


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