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(2017-09-12, 15:39)rapart Wrote: I have heard people complaining about Minix being slow to update their boxes after a while.
This review about the best 2017 Android boxes is worth a look.
Truth is that personally i dont trust these videos buddy.They are just youtubers that promote (most of them not all) some products.Ofc some products deserve a look but be careful with your choiceYou ll see android tv boxes like h96 pro plus etc to be presented as the best boxes....but it isnt truth specially for kodi and generally their support firmware etc is crap. always IMO.(and btw i dont have something with chinese products i own a lot and admire their technology)

I understand what you are saying & I agree with you.
In fairness to Roberto Jorge he seems to be very fair in his reviews.
If something is wrong he will say it.
I don't know him personally but he seems to be one of the good ones.

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