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(2017-10-18, 07:16)wrxtasy Wrote: I actually could not recommend the MECOOL M8S Pro+ anymore because you do not know if you will get one with dodgy eMMC these days. There have been numerous problems with some bad batches of M8S Pro+ boxes. That's cheap China hardware & quality control for you.

For DIY types needing 1080p Netflix, HBO etc, have a read of this POST from an experienced S912 ATV ROM developer instead.

The S912's are pretty snappy boxes for cheap DIY Android / LibreELEC. Even MECOOL supplied Android Firmware gets regular updates and is half decent and their HDCP 1.x DRM boxes come standard with a Android TV Playstore for direct install of ATV Apps. Sort of a Hybrid Android OS / Android TV platform.

Cheap keep it simple - Android TV only with ATV 4K Netflix and Youtube, Plug N Play, get a Xiaomi Mi Box - but do not use it for demanding Kodi - especially NOT 4K Kodi, with included HD Audio because of the lack of an Ethernet Port, even 4K Kodi and a USB > Ethernet adapter still will not work.

Need cheap Amazon Prime - I would wait till the $70 2017 4K HDR Amazon FireTV Gen 3 is released in 7 days time.

As already mentioned by @KoopaTroopa - Xiaomi make the best simple Wireless remotes vs anything else on the market IMHO.
The OSMC Remote is a very close second.
Perfect remotes for Android TV. (& LibreELEC as well) Smile

Kodi only here are some LibreELEC Kodi options:

Choosing a S905 / S905X / S905D / S905W / S912 box guide

Thanks for all of the advice peeps!
As I said the Xiaomi MiBox sounded like it checked off all of my basic needs, except for my preference to use wired Ethernet vs WIFI.
I had heard about the USB/Ethernet dongle, but was concerned about its ability to perform.

My current TV is NOT 4k. Its a less than 10y old Plasma. Non-smart TV. Full 1080p is what im looking to accomplish with my streaming etc...

So to recap ==>

1- If I opt to go with the MiBox, and then buy the USB/Ethernet dongle to go with it.... I will be able to use my Netflix account through it to stream HD (not 4k, just full HD) Netflix content without any hitches or glitchesHuh
2- If I opt to go with the MiBox, and then buy the USB/Ethernet dongle to go with it.... I will be able to send over my DL'ed MKV and other file type movies I acquire online from my Mancave's PC that's on the same wired network as the potentially wired MiBox?
3- If I opt to go with the MiBox, and then buy the USB/Ethernet dongle to go with it.... I will be able to leverage KODI via the MiBox and all of the wonderful "third party" Kodi treats without any hitches or glitches??

The fact that the remote is the best in the known universe is great news but in no way a big deal for me. I don't mind using my iphone if necessary if a remote app is available etc... So yaye about the remote but not a big game changer for me.

So if the answer to the above noted queries are ==> Yes, Absoluely. You will be quite pleased with the MiBox for the above noted uses.
Then I will gladly jump onboard! 
Also, any recommended locations to obtain the USB/Ethernet dongle? Is tis another "they make em cheap and sometimes they make em good" types of accessories? Should I order it from a specific site online or can I get it at my local Computer specialty shop or Best Buy for it?? Again, I'm in Canada.
Thanks again for all of the insight. This is the most help I've obtained along my journey through the tall Kodi weeds. Smile

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