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(2017-10-19, 11:57)sirfragalot Wrote: Requirements:
- UI (KODI / OSMC) must be buttery smooth - my NUC is perfect so MUST be as good.
= buy a Kaby Lake NUC because it is complete overkill for Kodi only. Splash the cash, but run Windows only currently for reliability, especially HD Audio.
Nothing will beat a SSD equipped NUC with Dual Channel memory. If you want butter this is it. Wink

Quote:- Must support H.265 including 10bit HEVC 
- HDR is not mega important - but support would be a bonus.
HDR = AMLogic S905X or S912 = Vero 4K or MINIX U9 because they have sorted out refresh and 1080p / 4K resolution switching with hands off - colorspace support for HDR Kodi Krypton, when doing so. (NVIDIA Shield has problems with this)

Quote:- Dolby / DTS / DTS-HD / Dobly EX Pass-through required - set up is BOX > YAMAHA YSP-2700 > SONY TV
= Any of the devices listed will do that. AMLogic ones will need to run LibreELEC Kodi or OSMC unless you use a U9.
The Kaby Lake NUC will need to run Windows, because Linux/LibreELEC Kodi has HD Audio passthrough DP > HDMI 2.0 adapter reliability issues - though knowing the LE Intel guys that should get fixed.

Quote:- TV Tuner support not necessary as run separate TVHeadend with DVB-S2 tuners (so as long as it can run TVHeadend client in KODI)
Yes any of the boxes running LibreELEC Kodi Krypton will give you that.

Quote: - That said, support for USB DVB-T/T2 Tuner may also be a bonus so I can utilise the aerial.
Quite possibly with the AMLogic boxes running a media build of LibreELEC Kodi Krypton, that has backported Linux DVB drivers from a more modern Linux Kernel. Definitely with any NUC.

Quote:- Easy(ish) to configure - not tech shy but tbh I cba with too much faffing nowadays!
= Kodi only  = LibreELEC Kodi Krypton or OSMC, unless you want to deal with Frequent Android Firmware updates that add new features and then break existing ones or Windows ongoing maintenance.
What is the plan for a remote control ?
A properly designed Wireless remote makes a BIG difference to any Kodi box.

Quote:- Budget not an issue - but don't want to spend more than £300 (cost of new i3 NUC, SSD + RAM) - The less the better as long as it fulfils my requirements
= Buy a Apollo / Kaby Lake NUC and enjoy running Windows and all that entails if you want relative bug free Intel. I believe Intel currently has no HDR Kodi Krypton support.

Want to save some money and not sacrifice that much at all in speed vs Intel ?

The AMLogic S912 HDR 4K HD Audio capable MINIX U9, comes with a decent Wireless remote.
Install LibreELEC Kodi Krypton(click) to a microSDHC card (easy to do, use a Sandisk) and then either install that into eMMC internal storage, nuking Android or just install all of Kodi's data to internal storage for a snappy setup.
You can even Dual boot to internal Android (or an Android TV ROM) for 4K YouTube etc.
It will play virtually anything you throw at it without batting an eyelid.

Non HDR = ODROID C2, overclocked a wee bit and running LibreELEC Kodi Krypton only from eMMC storage with a Wireless remote.
That way you can even hide the not so pretty case anywhere. Boots to LibreELEC Kodi in 9 seconds.
I'm currently using mine with a Xiaomi Mi Box remote and a $4 CSR v4.0 BT USB dongle and that combo makes for one snappy setup.
Again plays virtually anything you throw at it.

The MINIX U1 is also non HDR in a nice quality package, again with a decent integrated Wireless remote.

These four will have Gigabit Ethernet/LAN:

1.) New NUC Kaby Lake (NUC7i3BNK)
3.) MINIX U1
4.) MINIX U9-H

Best WiFi: (still would not use WiFi for reliability, especially for 4K)

1.) New NUC Kaby Lake (NUC7i3BNK)
3.) MINIX U1 (MIMO Dual Antennas)
4.) MINIX U9-H (MIMO Dual Antennas)

That should about cover it.

W. Smile


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