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(2017-10-24, 15:33)wapvi Wrote: so i asked about a box with HDR HVEC capabilities few months ago, and people said there isn't any source so its a waste of time. Now i see a lof of UHD HDR stuff and i didnt get any box. Was wondering which one to pick?i already have a raspberry pi 2 tahts running OSMC but its mainly there as a NAS, everything i play through my TV via smb but as you can imagine, 4k uhd bitrates are laggy on smb/dlna. So now i'm looking for a proper box. Been looking at himedia q10, minix u9-h, mi box, nvidia shield. which one should i get if i don't want to overspend?i only need hevc 10 bit hdr playback, with gbit and/or wifi AC, 5.1, DD+,Atmos output

I just bought a MINIX U9-H for 4K and 1080P playback. It was only $130ish and I figured it was cheap enough for a temporary solution, especially since I was able to sell my old Chromebox to cover most of the cost. It works great with 4K and 1080p source material and is STUPID FAST. I am running an Unraid server via gigabit using NFS, I can pull up a full 4K bluray and instantly skip 20min ahead. It's quite impressive. I went with it over the VERO because of the gigabit.

It's not so great for old SD content but that's mostly my kid's stuff and they use the Plex app that's built into our TV anyway.
XBMC specs: MINIX U9-H LibreELEC 4K all day

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UNraid Server – Pentium G3258 – MSI - H81M-P33 – Antec HCG-400M PS - 8Gb RAM

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