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(2017-10-30, 00:59)wrxtasy Wrote: DIY LibreELEC on the MINIX U9-H meets all your requirements, can be setup to boot straight into Kodi. Fast snappy box.

(2017-10-31, 07:57)MidnightWatcher Wrote:
(2017-10-29, 20:39)r0mbus Wrote: Hi there, i have one question:
im looking for for a box with following features:
-LibreELEC only (auto resolution-switch + refresh rate) = without Amazon, Netflix etc. I want to use it only with kodi/osmc
-4K+HDR+HEVC 10bit
-GBit Ethernet

Which one should i pick? Vero 4k is a great out-of-the-box choice, but im afraid, fast ethernet is not enough for UHD-Content stream via LAN from NAS.

The Vero 4K streams UHD perfectly fine from a NAS. I have no problem here. If you're worried about fast ethernet you could always pick up an inexpensive USB to Gigabit adapter. For the fewest problems and the best support the Vero 4K is hard to beat.

Thx for your reply Smile have you tried to stream some big UHD-File? 80Gb or more. Another question - this usb to gigabit adapter will work without any issues out-of-the-box?

wrxtasy, thx a lot Smile

Sam.Nazarko, at some reason i cant send PMs - computer says no Big Grin i mean, it tells me that i dont have enough permissions. The biggest file ive found its "John Wick 2": ~78Mbit bitrate (it doesnt matter if its true UHD or not, just an example) + Audio Track. 78Mbit is an average number if i understand it correct. It means, that in some cases it can be above 78Mbit.

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