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Thank you wrxtasy for your hard work.

Q. I basically want a HD Audio capable (inc. Atmos & DTS:X) 4K HDR Kodi media player that just works with minimal hassles ?
(devices must have working auto refresh & auto 1080p / 4K resolution switching and correct colorspace output after auto resolution switching)

This is exactly what I want. I have an LG Oled 55c7 and until now I've used a HTPC with Libreelec on it but it doesn't handle 4K HDR material so I play them on my Oleds in built player. I miss kodi so therefore I want to buy something that takes care all of that.
It's important that it doesn't upscale the video to 4k and let the oled do it because my Tv does that job very well.
So can you please recommend an exact model for my needs ? Maybe the Odroid C2 I don't know whats the difference between those models you've recommended in that section of your post. It's just that if those features you wrote are functioning well I'm happy but I'm a bit afraid that there is a catch here because it sounds too good to be true 😀


As I see you recommend AMLogic S905X, S905D and S912 devices so the Odroid C2 is out as it's only S905. I really was looking forward to buy this maily because the gigabit lan which is something the Vero 4K doesn't have. I wonder if 100Mbit is enogh for 4K bluray remuxes when I will be able to decrypt them legally in the future.

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