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(2017-12-13, 05:10)Knocks Wrote: Hi, I am now leaning towards the Vero 4K and have a few questions.

1) Do you have to use Ethernet to stream a 40-50GB BDremux?
2) Does OSMC differ visually from vanilla Kodi?  How far behind official Kodi releases is the OSMC developer?  I like running beta Kodi releases and don't really want to wait for final releases to experience new features.
3) Is Vero 4K competitive pricewise with other top Kodi boxes?
4) I have always used SMB and am not familiar with using other types of networking for media streaming.  Is there a learning curve and would I be missing out on anything by switching from SMB if I went the Vero 4K route?
5) Does using IR for the remote (instead of bluetooth) mean that I can't mount the box behind a wall-mounted TV?
6) Is the Mi aftermarket remote compatible with Vero 4K?

We include a remote eye and a TV mounting kit for those that want to hide their device behind a TV or perhaps in a cupboard and want to still use IR.
There's also an included RF remote which does not require line of sight.

OSMC's current release is based on 17.5. There is a monthly update, but we did not release anything in November. There will be an update in a few days. The reason behind the delay is because of OSMC prep for Debian Stretch. All improvements in 17.6 had already been backported to OSMC's 17.5 Kodi build, so the bump in Kodi version will be purely cosmetic anyway.

There are Kodi v18 builds which are produced on an almost daily basis. See These are of course experimental as Kodi v18 has not yet reached Alpha status. 

The Vero 4K comes with five years of updates from Feb 2017, so it should serve you for a few years yet and stay on top of developments. 


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