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START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
(2018-01-17, 19:49)chrisssj2 Wrote: But apple doesn't have google playe store so you can't install kodi? Am I missing something?
You can sideload Kodi when you have Apple developer account. Or you can use MrMc what is a Kodi fork.
Suggestion one seems like for a very rare audience? Im sure not many people have acces to that.
Second suggestion, A fork. But seems like its a very different app.? Do they give it good care like their main app? Same functions? all passthroughts etc..
MrMC aka @davilla, last time I checked has the 3rd highest most number of code contributions to the Kodi code base itself. You are talking one very experienced developer.
I believe he was one of the original team that Kickstarted the Android Kodi port years ago.

If you want all manner of Kodi Addons and custom Skins then MrMC is not for you. Works perfectly fine for a bunch of us with 5.1 AC3 / DTS passthrough or HD Audio decoded to 7.1 multichannel LPCM.

Kodi Forks are just specially modded Kodi versions designed for various specific hardware platforms. LibreELEC Kodi is a fork, so is OSMC and SPMC. Zidoo also has their fork called ZDMC.

@wrxtasy do you know if there is any difference in Picture quality on libreelec minix u9 vs atv4k while playing a 4k remux?
@robertoafarias I have both and the output looks identical to me. Both send an untouched 4K stream with HDR metadata to the TV.

But after testing both devices, I have decided to keep the Minix U9 for the following reasons:
- I use TVHeadend (with a SAT>IP server) on my NAS and I have found switching times in MrMC to be slower than in Kodi 17 (LibreELEC or Kodi 18 Alpha (LibreELEC 8.90.2)
  This may be due to older version of Kodi that MrMC is based on, so a lot of PVR optimizations are missing.
- The deinterlacing (Yadif 2x) on the Apple TV 4K looks nice, but on 1080i channels, I have a lot of dropped frames.
- The integrated Plex Client in MrMC is nice, but not as extensive as the PlexKodiConnect addon

If you have a capable TV that already has Amazon and Netflix apps with 4K HDR and DolbyVision capability,
AND you use LiveTV/PVR
I would recommend the Minix U9 over the Apple TV 4K.
Another side benefit is bitstream TrueHD and DTS-HD support with the Minix U9,
but LPCM should result in the same audio quality, though some receivers or soundbars don't support that.
@hanzoh great! Thanks for the feedback!
Hey folks great thread . I've been trying to figure what is the most reliable box that can do PVR and live TV but also have playback of Netflix and local NAS stored content for ~200 or less.

Reading through all the posts , I think this is either a

Minix U9-H with libre elec with custom dual boot roon


Maybe an Apple TV , details on the Apple TV are very limited though for PVR and live viewing . from what I can tell infuse offers nice local video playback , Netflix is no brainier . For PVR there is a TV Headend app or Mr MC but can't really figure out is this reliable or have much of a user base.

The Minix U9 can take Libre elec , is it more suited to support live TV and PVR ?

Reliability is my main factor with requirement for:
Live TV
Plex /infuse /Kodi /emby for Nas stored files

I have the server in place that can act at the Tv Headend server and plan on adding tuner cards.
The scarce information for LiveTV on Apple TV 4K led me to order it and see myself.

I first thought TvhClient would be a good solution, but I found it is not:
- there is no timeshift
- the structure of the App is not very suitable for „normal“ TV watching. You have to browse through groups after every launch and the base of the playback (HTTP via VLC) is not that great for zapping.

As mentioned in my previous post, MrMC is better at this, but it is not the current state of what Kodi can do (speed and reliability).
Thanks I was close to ordering one myself to try it.

Do you still use it now or did you chnage ?
I have returned it.
The Minix is for LiveTV and streaming from NAS, for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video I use the Apps on my LG TV.

The Apple TV 4K is a very nice box but it has some restrictions that limit my use case.
Sorry looks like u are using the minix now ?
How do you find it for live TV.
What software also are you using ?
Thanks what is the OS you run on the minix?
Do you find it reliable?
The Minix is as good as my previous Intel i3 HTPC regarding LiveTV as it can fully utilize all Kodi PVR features and has good hardware deinterlacing.

I use this LibreELEC build:

Thanks thats good to know

It may give me what I need

I can set up Kodi with MySQL if I use multiple boxes in house.

Also I think it can be dual booted to give android for Netflix.
(2018-01-18, 23:17)skjom Wrote: Thanks thats good to know

It may give me what I need

I can set up Kodi with MySQL if I use multiple boxes in house.

Also I think it can be dual booted to give android for Netflix.
With that LibreELEC version, you should get 720P for Netflix.
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