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(2018-02-12, 04:57)sultanbrunei Wrote: Hi.
I am thinking to replace my current Minix X8H-plus.
I need to have smooth 4k UHD playing capability, 10bit HVEC, HDR, and a Kodi system.

I have looked at these 3 boxes,
- Himedia Q5/Q10 pro
- Zidoo X9S
- Beelink GT1 ultimate/GS1

Which, do you guys think would give me the best picture quality of them all ?
Personally I follow the motto of "Keep it simple !".

Both the Q5/Q10 Pro and Zidoo X9S do not even run Kodi Krypton with all the bells and whistles like HD audio passthrough and HDR support.
They use Kodi only as a front end user interface for external media player software that provides such support.
There have been know problems with this setup, such as subtitles problems, resume issues and if you read the Zidoo X9S thread - 4K UHD still looks like it is not fully sorted out.

We have not even started yet on the added complications the Android OS itself brings (and it's updates) when all you want is a no nonsense Kodi media player. If you do not need Android, ditch it.

I would simply get a AMLogic S905X or S912 box and run LibreELEC or OSMC Kodi Krypton on it like a whole bunch of people are now doing for 4K HDR Kodi.

OSMC Kodi = using the Plug N Play - Vero 4K

S912 LibreELEC Kodi Krypton = the best is the MINIX U9, simply due to superior hardware used. You can also dual boot to internal Android with the AMLogic S912 boxes. If you already have a MINIX A2 lite remote, that works well with the U9.
There are cheaper S912 options available as well, but you have to do your homework regarding 100M or Gigabit Ethernet, AC WiFi & chipset heat management. The U9 here again has the best chipset cooling of all the 4K HDR AMLogic boxes.

Such info is found in this thread:

Choosing a S905 / S905X / S905D / S905W / S912 box guide (click)

I've not seen anyone complaining about S905X or S912 LibreELEC picture quality. Any post processing picture "enhancements" should really be done by a users 4K displays IMHO.
Also be aware the AML S9xx LE boxes also do auto 1080p<<--->>4K Resolution switching. This allows your 4K display to upscale 1080p content, 4K will be output at a 4K resolution when needed.


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