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(2018-02-15, 16:53)KODluser Wrote: At first thank you for the informative thread. At the moment I own a Raspberry Pi 3 model B with Libreelec installed. I bought the VC-1 license, too. However, I have problems with the playback of full hd movies with 5.1 sound. I would like to be able to play all full hd mkv files in 5.1 that I want (for example mp4, mp2, vc-1 and dts audio or whatever could be possible).
There have been a lot of LibreELEC RPi owners that upgrade to AMLogic S9xx LE Boxes simply because they want Hardware decoding of virtually everything including 8/10bit HEVC and some 4K (HDR) support. You also HD audio passthrough inc. Atmos and DTS:X passthrough audio as well.
Plus AML S9xx devices are faster than RPi's - especially if they are running LE from fast eMMC flash storage.

Quote:Also having a remote with a key that changes the audio would be nice (like it is also possible with the Raspberry Pi). Which device should I get? I don't want to buy the most expensive just to be sure.
A Wireless remote with a Mini Keyboard like a MINIX A2 lite would very likely fix that. You could probably use Kodi's Keymap Editor Addon to reprogram a spare button on the remote to do what you want.

Some vital ingredients to a fast responsive Kodi box is:

a) A reliable, responsive wireless remote - the Xiaomi Mi Box remote is the best I've seen for this. It's button repeat response is spot on when used with LibreELEC.
b) Fast eMMC storage, fast RAM, all combined with a nippy modern Chipset.
c) Using Ethernet LAN only. NFS is better than SMB.
d) An optimised Operating System that is Linux based. OSMC and LibreELEC are prime examples of this.

If on a tight budget, and having said all that you know which thread I am going to direct you to, it's this LibreELEC one:

Choosing a S905 / S905X / S905D / S905W / S912 box guide (click)


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