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(2018-04-02, 01:49)wrxtasy Wrote: Have a read of the following:

Apple TV 4K vs LibreELEC Kodi Krypton on a MINIX U9-H (click)

You are not going to get Android TV Oreo unless you stick with the Shield or the Mi Box - it's definitely coming this year.
And if you want ATV Oreo in a fast box, the Shield is the only answer.

Trying to do everything all in the one device will lead to compromises and that is where the troubles start.
I'm pretty happy now using both devices. Apps on the ATV 4K and LE Kodi Krypton on various AMLogic S9xx LibreELEC boxes. Smile
Thank you wrxtasy for all your help and information, you are very informed about the media players world.

I followed your recommendation and bought a vero 4k but it doesn't have music visualisation like milkdrop. ProjectM doesn't work on it and the shadertoy alternative is buggy and doesnt display anything but a spectrum.

I am using a ambilight TV and the music visualization adds a really nice atmosphere to the room. Maybe you can update your post and add proper Milkdrop/ProjectM support to those who have that.

Thank you again for your time, I read your post entirely !!! very informative. I would also like a more technical post as I like to understand the innerworkings of it all

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