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(2018-04-27, 07:03)wrxtasy Wrote: It will be for the Open Source AV1 (click) video compression standard.

Do you want to buy hardware now or wait till the AV1 compression standard is implemented ?
When do you jump on the hardware media player cycle ?

For example if I were NVIDIA with a possible Next Gen. Shield hardware refresh in the pipe, AV1 would be the next logical hardware refresh cycle. 
(2018-04-28, 12:34)JohnWB Wrote: Do you have any idea when the AV1 compression standard will be implemented ? ie will it be common this year.
Do you think any of the current boxes work with it ie the Wetek Play 2, the new Dune players coming out now or the Apple TV 4K
It will be software decoded via FFMPEG first, likely later this year then new Silicon hardware decoding support will come I suspect in 2019 with new hardware releases. It takes a decent amount of time for new video compression standards to become widely adopted.
No idea what sort of CPU package will be required for software decoding.

Expect mobile/cell phones to gain AV1 support first if there are data transport savings to be had. Netflix as well is already testing AV1 video encoding.
That is all the details I have.


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