START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Voice search with Google assist, minus Chromecasting opens up the Field and you can then look at budget AMLogic Android Nougat Boxes like the (S912) MECOOL M8S PRO L with its excellent Bluetooth Voice search remote:

Frame Rate Matching for nice smooth video playback is not available with any Android Kodi on that device, it will do 5.1 passthrough audio. Frame rate matching and 4K HDR will work if you run LibreELEC on that device.
No Gigabit Ethernet either, but apparently certain USB3 > Gigabit LAN adapters can be used for reliable high bitrate 4K HDR REMUX's streaming:

Once you look at all that a (USA only) - $105 - Apple TV 4K deal looks like a very good prospect, it has way more power under the hood for pretty much everything.
Fastest Plug N Play mediaplayer on the market. No 4K Youtube however, but does Youtube Voice search.
MrMC (highly modded Kodi Jarvis) on the ATYV 4K is looking better each month as well with a lot of ongoing development being put into that App by very experienced ex. Kodi devs.

4K HDR with auto colorspace switching for correct color outputs = Apple TV 4K, AMLogic LibreELEC S905X / S912, Vero 4K & Zidoo X9s

Then there is the upcoming Android Oreo update for the Xiaomi Mi Box for those that are patient to see what it brings.
I would not use the Mi Box for high bitrate 4K HDR, it has no Gigabit LAN. The previously mentioned 4K HDR capable boxes are much better.

And then there is the Gigabit LAN equipped - NVIDIA Shield, the Android King. That too will get an Android Oreo update later in the year, that should hopefully fix a bunch of things like auto colorspace switching (we hope).
That would be the closest Android - HTPC replace you will find anywhere.

If it were me, needing Apps support with voice search, I would choose between the two most powerful Plug N Play Gigabit LAN devices currently on the market - the NVIDIA Shield or the Apple TV 4K.
Both are quality bits of kit. Smile


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