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(2018-06-29, 07:52)NomadMike Wrote: Thanks for the reply I thought I read stay away from AMLogic S9xx hardware ? as they are cheap rubbish?
AMLogic anything with poor cheap Android (buggy) Marshmallow Firmware = rubbish. Included Infra Red remotes are usually poor as well.

Most people ditch Android on cheap 4K AMLogic devices anyway and simply run LibreELEC Kodi Krypton with a USB dongle type Wireless remote.
Read Post #1 again there is lots of info about doing this. Great bang for the buck if all you want if 4K Kodi.

Recent versions of AMLogic Android Nougat are much better and the MECOOL M8S Pro L with Voice remote rules this space. 1080p Netflix only however and it needs a USB3 > Gigabit adapter for high bitrate 4K HDR video playback.

Quote:So for a solid 4K Kodi box you recommend the MINIX U9-H I am looking for a smooth interface which will play streams well at 1080 - 4k the TV has WebOS but if everything could run from the box instead that would be great, Netflix UHD, PLEX as the one in WebOX is old.
The MINIX U9 will not give you 4K Netflix. It's a DIY type Android box. Excellent for 4K HDR LibreELEC Kodi tho.

By "Solid", you mean stable with excellent picture quality and smooth video playback including the 24p 4K Netflix - I highly recommend the powerful Apple TV 4K.
Simply because of it's Apple tvOS Frame Rate & Dynamic Range(for SDR and 4K HDR) Matching support. Pretty much Plug N Play - it just "works"
Then simply use the MrMC App (highly modded Kodi Jarvis) on it. Plex support is built into MrMC.
Excellent Firmware support from Apple.
If you are in the USA these are bargain - $105 with a DirecTV deal. (do a Google search)

If you do not care about Frame Rate Matching and smooth Netflix 24p Video playback then the just updated Oreo OS - Xiaomi Mi Box is great value for money for a 4K Android TV device.
It's got one of the best Wireless remote's in the business and it's pretty snappy with Android TV Oreo.
However you cannot use NTFS formatted HDD's on it currently and need to use a Ugreen USB3 > Gigabit adapter for high bitrate Bluray 4K (networked) video playback. No idea how Plex runs with the new Oreo OS.


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