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(2018-07-04, 13:47)OceanMan17 Wrote: Hello, very nice guide! I have a Samsung MU6400 4K TV and I am looking to buy a TV Box for 4K HDR Kodi and maybe a little moonlight with nvidia game stream. My budget (90$ max).
$90 Max - Get an AMLogic S912 box with Gigabit Ethernet and throw LibreELEC on it.. You need Gigabit (1000M) if you want reliable high bitrate 4K HDR streaming of Bluray REMUX's. Otherwise a USB3 > Gigabit Ethernet adapter will need to be used.

I believe the S912 Tanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 has Gigabit. These two also have a decent Android TV ROM available over on the Freaktab forums.

No idea about Moonlight or NVIDIA Game Stream.

Guide - using a Harmony with amlogic devices (click)


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