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Regarding AppleTV 4K...

some posts ago some fellas reported that Apple TV 4K produces inaccurate colors in 4K.. 

I must say this after further research...

That this was an issue with TV OS prior to 11.3

After 11.3 AppleTV 4K produces colors as they should be... (in movies iTunes, or using MrMC (Kodi fork), or Infuse)

BUT one has to use the following settings to get accurate colors in EVERY 4K TV

HDMI Output YCbCr
Chroma 444
Match Range and Frame

YES those are the best settings if you own a 4K TV....

SDR content will be displayed as intended with accurate colors 
and 4K HDR content will be displayed as 4K HDR content with accurate colors..

if in Format you set 4K Dolby Vision there will be unneded processing in the movie with inferior results than those described above... (one can watch many Youtube videos that concur to the settings that i suggest)

Also use Dark mode Smile (it will save your oled screen)

Thats all.. 
Apple TV 4K produces the best image quality and now (with TVos 12) we have also ATMOS...


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