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I will repeat this again, you will not get 5.1 DD+ audio out of the Android TV Netflix App unless you have a HDMI connected DD+ capable audio receiver. The audio receiver has to support DD+ not DD only. Expect 2.0 audio only with DD only audio equipment.

If 5.1 DD Netflix audio is important get a Dolby Audio Licensed, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, those can do 5.1 DD+ > DD audio downmixing.

Have a look at the Infra Red capable, reasonable cheap MECOOL Pro L if you want 1080p Netflix and Kodi at a cheaper price.
You would have to get the one with the Infra Red remote for the Harmony to learn its IR commands.
However that device will not do Android Kodi auto refresh switching, you would have to dual boot and use LibreELEC Kodi for that.

The 2017 Shield will need a FLIRC programmable IR - USB dongle for IR Harmony remote usage.

The Apple TV 4/4K has a built in, easily user programmable IR receiver for use with any IR remote.


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