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(2018-09-06, 08:49)gotiuser01 Wrote: If I need the box to be fully compatible with LibreELEC, including Wi-Fi, BT and hopefully remote (optional), is it safe to get a Mecool Pro L without knowing which sub-model I'll be getting?

My requirements:

1) running ATV, either comes with Android TV OS or has 3rd party ATV rom (preferably Nougat)
2) fully supported by LibreELEC (Wi-Fi, BT) for a dual-boot setup
3) S912 SoC
4) below $70 (love to have a Minix U9 but it's a bit pricy)
5) optional: a popular box, with half-decent community support.

Any thoughts will be much appreciated.

Basically you want the original Pro L (or M8S Pro with faster DDR4 RAM) with the Infra Red remote, because there is no need to pay extra $$$ for the Bluetooth Voice remote that will not work in LibreELEC anyway. Plus if you read on Freaktab the ATV ROM's being distributed have issues with the latter Bluetooth Voice remote boxes.

Aliexpress and other Websites seem to have 'em around $60 or less.
The IR remote's on these cheap AML device are rubbish so you need something Wireless.

This is a pic of the one I'm talking about:


Then you need a USB Mini WiFi receiver dongle Wireless remote, because they emulate a connected Keyboard and work both with the Android TV OS and LibreELEC. The Bluetooth ones will not work in LibreELEC.

This would work:

There is great support for Android TV ROM's for the Pro L over on the Freaktab website (click)

AMLogic Nougat 7.1.2 Firmware is a LOT better than the buggy AMLogic Oreo 8.0 devices (original Mi Box 3 & MECOOL KM8) that are out in the market at the moment.
1080p Netflix with DD+ audio passthrough works well with Nougat 7.1.2 on the MECOOL's.

For those on a really tight budget, the little bit slower S905W - Nexbox A95X Pro (click) would also work for Android TV 1080p Netflix and dual boot LE.
It already has the Mini USB dongle remote, but no Bluetooth and weaker 2.4GHz only WiFi



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