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(2018-10-19, 04:03)wrxtasy Wrote: There are NO external media players that can playback dual layer DolbyVision BD rips. There is no external media player software that can handle that proprietary Dolby data. Some DV capable TV's might be able to via USB.

Probably important to say that it isn't a case that you can't play DV UHD BD rips, it's that you can't play them with the full DV experience.

DV UHD Blu-rays include an HDR10 core stream for backwards compatibility, that will play on players that can handle regular HDR (aka HDR10) UHD Blu-ray rips. What you don't get is playback of the additional, second DV enhancement layer stream, that combined with the HDR10 steam allows the player to create a DV output stream that dynamic metadata and all the other Dolby 'special sauce' which optimises picture quality on DV displays.

So DV rips will play AIUI - you just won't get the full DV experience, but you WILL get the same results as you'd get if you played the disc in a non-DV UHD Blu-ray player.

I think that's fair to say isn't it?

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