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It's very likely overheating. First thing I would do is re-enable Kodi's dirty regions and make sure GPU overclocking is disabled.

Dirty regions is switched Off with LE S912's to fix the Subtitle stuttering problem. However it does make the GPU working harder at all times.

Honestly I'm not going to recommend any of the cheap devices, due to really poor, cheap pathetic Chipset passive cooling implementations.
2GB RAM vs 3GB makes no difference when running LE or CE.

The MINIX U9 that has proper entire Chipset motherboard passive cooling, runs substantially cooler vs anything I've seen, the S905W devices are the second coolest due to a lower CPU clock rate. The S912's run substantially hotter vs anything else, due to all the Core's in the SoC.

Do some DIY with a matchstick sized blob of Silver Paste under the cheap Heatsink on the SoC to stabilize Temps, would be my recommendation:


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