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(2018-12-08, 14:05)haxel666 Wrote: thanks for quick reply.

so would a Vero 4K+ be my best option.

I know their isnt a perfect device just without serious issues like microstutters would be good enough.

I would like to be able to play all available types of h265 files. and this device would strictly be for that as i will keep nuc for everything else.

reading some posts that vero 4k and+ have some issues with stuttering when playing back via usb does anyone know if this is the case as it could just be their usb drive, found 2 different users on other websites posting about this.
 I have a Vero 4K (not +) but haven't seen stuttering that I am aware of.    However it's not my primary viewing device.

Also  I'm not saying the Vero is perfect.  There are other solutions that are also worth considering.

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