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(2019-02-08, 03:56)wrxtasy Wrote: Cheapest 24p auto refresh switching, Netflix approved, DRM certified Kodi capable media player is the new Amazon 4K Fire TV Stick.
Does not do 7.1 HD audio passthrough, but again decodes to 7.1 LPCM. Do not use it for watching broadcast interlaced TV from a HDHomerun.

USB Hub's need to be used for Hard Drive connection - even then I'm not sure NTFS or exFat formatted HDD's are compatible with Amazon's Fire OS.
You would have to ask in the Fire TV Stick thread specifically about Hard Drives.

Fire TV 4K has the best wireless remote in the business.
It's the closest cheapest device you will find to a network streaming - "All in one" media player on the market.

Worth pointing out the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is only 'auto refresh switching' in Kodi and Amazon Prime last time I checked. All other video apps I have looked at (Netflix, BBC iPlayer etc) run at the fixed refresh rate set in the FireTV settings. This is presumably because it's not Automatic Refresh rate switching at the OS level (i.e. the OS doesn't examine the video that it is playing to detect its frame rate and change HDMI output rate accordingly) and is instead at an API level (apps have to work out what frame rate the video should be played at and tell the OS to switch refresh rate) so not 100% automatic.

As a result, only FireTV OS apps that are written to specifically use the frame rate switching API will change refresh rate based on the content they are playing.

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