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I am an avid movie/kodi fan and have been playing with various TV boxes over the years. In the past years we have come settled on 2 supplies being Geniatech (Manufactures of the MyGica range) and Himedia and would like to share our findings.

Boxes that we have tested;

Himedia Q5/Q10  - HiSilicon Processor

Himedia A5 - Amlogic S912 Processor

MyGica 1960Pro  - Amlogic Processor

The most stable and user friendly box has been the Himedia A5 with Amlogic S912 processor.

The Himedia Q5/Q10 are brilliant boxes in picture quality and sound quality and is superior than the A5 in both picture and sound. But in terms of stability the A5 using Kodi, and I use the Xconfluence Skin which tends to put more strain on the processor still just surpasses the Q5/Q10.

So we thought that MyGica 1960Pro would be superior considering it has 3g Ram compared to the Himedia Q5. But we actually found it crashes in Kodi and they have locked the picture frames, so you not going to get full screen picture. Hence not convinced on the MyGica 1960 Pro thought it does have nice 2.5" internal HDD feature.

Our choice at end of day is the Himedia A5. There are some drawbacks to the A5. It cannot play 4K HDR 10bit H265. For this the Q5/Q10 does well.

But if you just want a box that is smooth in playback, does not freeze or crash on Kodi, is super user interface friendly than our suggestion would be the Himedia A5

I  hope this year that Himedia will be coming out with the new Amlogic S922 processor version. 

This should be a good update to keeping up with the 4K HDR playback

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