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(2019-03-26, 06:39)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2019-03-22, 15:15)wilsouk86 Wrote: Hi, bear with me – fairly new to this and looking for some advice. 

First, my “wants” are 4K and HDR playback over ethernet and a generally a snappy box. Netflix, amazon etc I’ve got other ways.

I’m trying to decide between OSMC (Vera 4k+) and Coreelec, and the pros/cons of each. Particularly regarding support going forwards ie. with metadata handshaking for HDR etc.

Follow the very first linked post over HERE (click) regarding passthrough of HDR Metadata
Quote:Also, if going down the coreelec route I am trying to get to grips with the various kernals, drivers and challenges you folks are facing for the future. Looks like the main AMLogic options are s905x, s912 and a droid n2 with the new s922x (or even s905x2??). 

Is development moving away from S912, and therefore best to avoid? Because of issues with libMali/using android. Is S922x seemingly the way forward? I don’t mind waiting till April to get a droid n2 if this is where the action will be going forward….I don't really know what people mean when "moving to mainline linux", good or bad thing?!

Any input much appreciated.

Currently for AMLogic it looks like the S905D, S905X and S912, and for Rockchip the RK33xx devices, along with HDR capable Intel/AMD will get mainline Linux 4K HDR support up and running properly sometime this year. Mainline Linux support will be need to be added before HDR capable Linux Kodi v19 M hits sometime next year.

There are open source Panfrost (click) GPU drivers being written for the ARM Bifrost and Midgard GPU's (click) that should get added to mainline Linux. This is being done to avoid previous issues with Linux Mali GPU driver licensing, like we have seen with Linux on the the AML S912's.

The next gen. ARM "G" series GPU's in the AML S922X and S905X2/Y2 are currently using the custom AMLogic v4.9 Linux Kernel.
Kernel HDR support is starting to be added for the S922X ODROID N2 for HDR use when using Kodi Leia. It's really early days tho, which means bugs.
Development versions of CoreELEC Kodi Leia on the N2 is not as stable vs the older AML S905D/X & S912 chipset platforms running HDR Kodi Leia at the moment.

It is unknown when these new AML chipsets will transition to a Mainline Linux Kernel. Enquire in 6 months.     

MaxFall/MaxCLL is now being passed through on Vero. It will be part of a future update.


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